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La Tabla

We wanted to create a table that accents the unique texture of reclaimed wood. The frame is built from 2x4 with mitered edges with an 1/8" kerf detail to receive the mesh.  The surface of the table is also made from 2x4 material with a natural grey stain applied and tongue oil applied as a final finish.  The structural underside of the table is a grid of 2x4 reinforced between the two legs. 

The overall timing of the process took longer than expected.  We initially thought we could build it in a single weekend but it ended up taking about 40 hours of work start to finish.  Seeing as this is our first step toward our furniture line of Olaf Jean we know that putting in a little extra love and time pays off.  

After having it on our garden for a few months the ivy from the ground cover has started to grow up through the mesh in the legs.  It really feels like it belows rooted in the Earth now.

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