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Spanish Getaway

Pebble Beach, California

These two projects are more home remodels but is really only adding aesthetic accents and a fresh new coat of paint.  We love changing up our space with new colors. The first space is the master bathroom and went from a dark navy blue to a light fresh warm grey.  

B and his parents did the remodel on this bathroom.  They did a great job with the install and added in the Calacatta marble stone and new vanity and tub.  When we bought this house from them there was already some great bones.  So really the only thing left we wanted do to make it our own was to finalize the paint color and add a few accents of our own, this was really a family affair!

The second bathroom features new paint, mirror, and re-finished vanity.  We decided to change the color from the light blue to a warm sand which accented the white wainscot nicely.  C also re-used the vanity by re-painting it and adding new antique hardware.

Paint color by Clark + Kensington: Oak Terrace (Master Bathroom)

Construction and Design by Olaf Jean and family

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